About Yet Another Crypto Faucet Rotator

Our goal is to do one thing well, and that is provide you with a continual stream of faucets.

If you have any faucets you'd like to share with us, feel free to suggest them via the form at the top of the faucets page. We will even use your referral id for the faucets you submit!

What user data does YACFR collect?

We do use cookies to track your session, but that is all. We don't want your emails, your usernames, your ip addresses, or your wallet ids.

Can I use the same settings between multiple computers or browsers?

Yes! We set up a URL that you can use (available on your account page) to load your settings on multiple machines. We would suggest you bookmark that URL in the event you have to clear your cookies or browser history, as well as using it to surf the rotators on multiple devices. In the event that you don't have your import URL, you will have to create a fresh account, but that is easy to do.